Evelyn's Blog for Wed., Sept., 19, 2018 - OPENING LINES

Last week, Marv and I sat through a stage production of  the novel SENSE & SENSIBILITY by Jane Austen.  We have front-row season tickets.  A group in the rear made up of high school students who obviously had read and studied the play roared with laughter at each opportunity. It woke up the people sitting in the front row. 

One explanation for the lack of laughter from the first row was that we could not…

Evelyn's Blog of Wed., Sept. 12, 2018 - MORE AT THE WALDORF-ASTORIA

In my blog of last week, September-5, I talked about the Waldorf-Astoria in Beverly Hills. I mentioned that lots of young gals frequented the hotel and I wondered how they could afford it. I asked my sister-in-law (Sandy) whose birthday we were celebrating there. She answered, “Lots of young people are earning $100,000 a year.”

A friend who read my blog had another explanation…

Evelyn's Blog for Mon., June 25, 2018- WHAT PURPOSE DOES A BLOG SERVE?

Why do people start a blog? A fair question.

Wikipedia’s answer: The purpose of writing blogs could be promotion of a product or service, awareness about social issues, information sharing about any subject or purely passion for writing.

You guessed it. MY purpose is to promote my books. The part of the answer about “pure passion for writing” is better served in…

Evelyn's Blog for Sat., May 26, 2018 - Reviewing "THE WAY THEY SEE"

"THE WAY THEY SEE" concerns a couple, once in love, who meet again after 25 years. This is a story about "unintended lives." 

Here is the opening paragraph of "THE WAY THEY SEE" — 

Susannah Lindstrom could not mark the day she fell in love with Sam Geddes because they played together as children and then as teenagers and all through high school. And Sam loved her, too. Then Sam went off to college in 1953, out of their small town. And Susannah waited...

Evelyn's Blog of Sat.,May 19 - JONI GORDON REVIEWS 'THE PROVIDER'

Before you read Joni Gordon's review of my first novel THE PROVIDER, there are some things you should know about her—the owner of Newspace Art Gallery.

Joni Gordon was my closest girlfriend, even during the years we had little contact, and then no contact. I never forgot her, which was the case everyone could make who knew her. At least 500 people attended her…

Evelyn's Blog for May 12, 2018 - THE IMPERATIVE OF A MR. RIGHT

The imperative of there being a Mr. Right pervades my novel

THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE. Our heroine in THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE receives a scolding when her best friend says to her, “Have you never heard about the woman who meets her Mr. Right without recognizing him because her head is filled with some larger-than-life romantic vision of a knight in shining armor so she walks straight past Mr. Right and then spends the rest of her life...