Current Projects

A Table for Four

A river cruise takes an unexpected turn. 

An Incident In The Family

In 1925, an uncle marries his niece (an Avunculate Marriage). They have two children, the first normal, the second vastly retarded. In 1935, during the Great Depression, the father takes the now 6-year-old retarded child in the car with him. The garage door is closed. He starts the engine. (This is a generational novel based on a true story.)

The Dinner Party

When a book critic destroys his wife’s literary dreams, she seeks a literary revenge.

The Piano Player (also as a screenplay)

A 1950’s coming-of-age love story. A young man cannot become a concert pianist, so he sells out to his womanizing arts.

The Debt (A Short Story)

A young Jewish man wants/marries a Christian woman.